One of Many Long Days on my Feet


Just because I am a student, don’t turn away from this blog! Young as I am, I have stories to tell. You will get insight into the mind of a Native American female who aspires to be in the entertainment industry. It is hard enough for women in general, if not for a minority. Like acting, behind-the-scenes jobs are a man’s world. We all know when women are behind the camera, because it is such a big deal.

Let me expose you to the trials and tribulations of my life, as short as it has been. I intend to make my way despite obstacles. So far, nothing has slowed me down. In fact, I am right where I want to be—in film school. I envision a career as a director and I expect the road to be open the entire way. I will make it happen and perhaps pave the way for others to enter the film and television field en masse.

I will do most anything to advance my career. I am always on time for class filming projects and often take the lead in their implementation. I stick it out on long days, even when I have to be on my feet for hours and I go home with aching appendages. But I have an answer for that! I bought a really good foot massager from this web site. Who doesn’t crave a good foot rub now and then? It is divine and revives my feet in an instant, but it is also a long-term investment in my career. When they show documentaries of film making, the director is on his feet yellow through a megaphone. Ha! He does have a “director’s chair” but it might well be for show.

There are few good films on Native Americans and even fewer TV shows. The stereotypes are rampant. Images of my ethnic roots are limited to westerns and cameo performances by famous actors like Rodney Arnold Grant, Russell Means, Wes Studi, Graham Greene, and many others. In the old days we had Jay Silverheels and Chief Thundercloud. The roles were sparse and mostly character parts. The best one I can think of is Will Sampson opposite Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He was more than memorable. Chief Dan George also stands out as does Lou Diamond Philips who is part Cherokee. He is one of my favorite actors. I see that my work is cut out for me if I want to give my ancestry a fair shake in the business.

So come on board with me as I pen my blog and clue you in on my progress. Meanwhile you will get all kin ds of interesting tidbits. You will soon get my opinion of Wind River with Jeremy Renner and Martin Sensmeier. It is about a white man on a Wyoming reservation who consoles an Arapaho tribal member who has learned that his sister has been murdered.  Stand by!