Month: April 2018


After long days of studying film in school, I can’t turn my brain off when I get home. When it comes to bed time, I am full of ideas that I want to commit to celluloid. I just have to write them down. Forget about sleeping. Welcome insomnia. This is a common ailment of college students, or so I am told. Other students talk about it as if it were the plague. We all sit in class trying to be attentive, but in reality we are exhausted. Our professor is somewhat sympathetic but he just advises us to go to bed earlier. Try that when a million people are texting you and expect an immediate response.

Music is my savior. The right mood can be set with some soft sounds. Never something heavy metal or too lively a beat. I use that in the morning to wake up and stay alert. At night, I have to try various solutions. I hate warm milk and turkey so forget about that home remedy. They say to get in bed an hour before you fall asleep and turn off the TV and cell phone. Don’t subject yourself to any stimulation. Be sure there are no bright lights outside your window. Use a shade and dim the lights. I have tried everything. One thing the experts never mention is a ceiling fan. My faithful Westinghouse, the best ceiling fan brand in the world, creates a wonderful kind of silent noise as the blades turn in space. It is also hypnotic to look at. Sure, I could use an alarm clock that features nature sounds, or white noise as it is called; but then I would have to get a new one and I already have the fan in place.

You can see that I have given my insomnia a lot of thought. The fan is not intrusive as sounds go. It generates just enough to put me to sleep fast. One day, the remote was broken and I nearly panicked. It was a long night. It was a simple fix and I now have a reliable sleep motivator. I want to write a letter to Westinghouse as a paean to this wonderful device. They should put “insomnia cure” in their descriptions online. I guess I can just write a testimonial and give it a high rating.

I can see that such a fan would be great for kids’ rooms. When they are infants, they have a mobile. As they get older and grow out of it, a ceiling fan would replace it as a source of peace and quiet. I bet my parents never thought of this clever idea. I have the fan to keep me cool in the summer as I have no central air. It provides a lovely gentle breeze that is just enough to keep me comfortable. Now it does double duty as white noise. Let me tell you, it works.