Month: May 2018

Commercial Shooting

As a film student, I have had a multitude of different assignments. It depends on whether I am taking directing, set design, acting or camera techniques. It changes every semester and I welcome the new opportunities. It is all pertinent to my studies and will help form the foundation of my career. I love every minute of it. Before I can take on difficult subjects, such as the history or contemporary lives of Native Americans, I must hone my craft. There is so much to know, and with each project, I add to my list of skills. Someday I can execute my “masterpiece.” I expect my signature style and unique subject matter to gain accolades. We shall see. Students dream big!

I have done all sorts of things, including an indie style student film. It was super challenging and rewarding. I had to select the “cast,” choose the location, set up props, work on makeup and costumes, and much more. I feel that I have been getting a truly well-rounded education. Now I am working on writing and shooting a commercial, which is a very different animal. The entire process varies, and of course the length is condensed. You must convey your message with just a few lines of dialogue and some key images in a minute and a half at best. It will be fun to see if I succeed. I will certainly get feedback from the instructor and the other students. We are all in the same boat.

After considerable thought, I decided not to make it too complicated. I will do a takeoff on traditional ads for washing machines and refrigerators—the usual household stuff–by focusing on a luxury faucet for the discriminating homeowner. In the old days, it would have been the housewife or “homemaker.” Not any more in this liberated era. I will have the man of the house observe the faucet in a supply emporium and start dreaming of how it would look and operate at home. You know the drill. You do a fade to the fantasy sequence. It is part of the requirements of the assignment.

I have the perfect prop in a box in my own apartment. My mom gave me a new kitchen faucet as a special gift since the old one has been leaking buckets. The Brizo faucet is brand spanking new and its shiny glossy surface will be the standout image in the commercial. I will use close ups to reveal its beauty and grace. It certainly is coming in handy. I am so glad I haven’t yet installed it. Otherwise, I might have had to get a toaster, mixer or shower head instead. Ha! I can save money on my prop and set budget, which is seriously meager. Now I have to choose the music. What goes with curved chrome? I shall ask Siri or Alexa. They know everything.